No one should feel the anguish of hunger.

Fingertips of Africa is a registered non-profit.
All donations qualify for a Section 18A tax certificate.

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About Us

We are on a mission to help the vulnerable

Too many indigent South African communities are invisible to those in a position to make a huge difference. Fingertips of Africa adopts communities, publicising their plight and galvanising support to help meet their basic needs. With access to essentials and a connection to people who care, these communities can start to build brighter futures.

What We Do

We operate feeding schemes, co-ordinate disaster relief interventions and implement skills training.

Feeding Schemes

- Supplementing hospitals
- Soup kitchens for the homeless
- Dry goods hampers for grannies running households
- Meals for indigent communities.

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Disaster Relief

- We rebuild homes destroyed by natural disasters
- We assist affected communities by collecting emergency relief packages like hygiene packs, household goods, meals and clothing.

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- We empower abused women to find sustainable sources of income through programmes like the Fingertips Sewing Academy

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Our Partners

We invite individuals, foundations and companies to partner with us and uplift communities. Donations are tax deductible, and are a rewarding and inspiring avenue for corporate social investment. Thank you to our amazing partners.

Granny and Child Headed Households

Sponsor a granny headed household or a child headed household. Your donation can have an impact today. Help us feed a family, care for a child or make a special purchase.

You can choose to sponsor a family for R2 500.00 per month. By donating a monthly amount we will be able to ensure that the vulnerable families are provided with food hampers as well as rental assistance for housing. If you would like to make a once off donation or sponsor a family long term that we will pair up with your donation. This will go a long way in ensuring that we are able to feed and house families in need.

Sponsor a Community Meal

At R10.00 per meal you can help provide nutritious meals to communities in need. Through our network of soup kitchens we are able to feed more people in impoverished communities. We will be able to provide weekly bulk food, fresh vegetables and essential groceries. Your donation will ensure that we make a lasting difference by helping to sustain these soup kitchens to fight hunger and uplift their communities.

Empowerment Academy / Sewing Academy

Fingertips of Africa initiated a sewing academy in 2020, the purpose of which is to empower and support vulnerable community members to have a skill in which they have a way to make an income and become self sustained. As all of our participants are currently unemployed, a practical skill is important to enhance their possibility of generating an income.

Your donation towards our Sewing Academy will ensure that we are equipping people with sustainable skills and they will also be awarded with their own sewing machine which they can use to earn an income. The money earned from their sewing skills helps their families pay for food, medical care and other basic needs.

Any donation will allow us to fulfil this mission and uplift the participants.