About Us

No one should feel the anguish of hunger

No one should feel the anguish of hunger

Fingertips of Africa was born in March 2020, when Covid-19’s first hard lockdown came into effect. The lockdown unleashed a tsunami of suffering for underprivileged communities and children who had relied on school feeding schemes. While we knew we couldn’t help everyone, we could certainly do something to help. Our first project was a food drive to help a small community in Eldorado Park that had until then survived on leftovers from catering to Luthuli House. During that first lockdown we went on to provide 2.5 million meals to more communities in need. Since then, we have grown exponentially, adopting small communities, including hospitals, the elderly, abused women and vulnerable children, seeing to their basic needs – always with a touch of love. 

With access to essentials and a connection to people who care, these communities can start to build brighter futures.

Our Mission

Make. World. Happier.

We started as a grassroots movement, harnessing the power of our social networks, to connect one starving community with hundreds of people who had the heart and the resources to help. During covid’s first hard lockdown, we supplied 2.5 million meals! Our mission is to make a difference, with a touch of love – feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, offering hope for a better future with job skills training. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.